High-Tensile Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Fencing Barbed Wire Fence

High-Tensile Barbed Wire will discourage unwanted entry and is suited to a variety of containment needs. It is ideal for use on the open range, at farms, and in other rural locations.The barbed wire fence is made with a double strand and a conventional twist where the strands of wire twist in a single direction.A higher carbon content makes this high tensile barbed wire both lighter weight and stronger.The galvanized coating helps the fence materials resist weathering and rust.The Barbed Wire Fencing is double barbed with a 4-point design to help keep trespassers and unwanted animals out – and valuable livestock inside of a defined area.It can also be used with chain link or other fencing barriers for an additional layer of security.Fence installation is quick and easy due to the lighter weight. The barb wire is designed to unroll easily and fence stays will keep the fence neat and evenly spaced. It is packaged on a heavy-duty metal carrier for safe transport.

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  • Galvanized barbed wire is rust and weather-resistant
  • Economical and easy to install as temporary or permanent fencing
  • Ideal for grazing or other farm and agricultural applications Sharp 4-point barbs are spaced 5-inches apart for security and containment. Constructed from galvanized wire that is light weight and strong. Designed for safe, convenient transport and easy unrolling.



Post time: Mar-27-2024