11 Gauge 7feet Galvanized Line Post for Wooden Fence

steel fence post
  •  steel post for wood fencing is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood
  • Used to build and/or reinforce wood fences
  • Available in 7', 7.5', 8' and 9'
  • Galvanized (Zinc) Coated Steel
  • G90 coating to protect against rust
  • Overall width: 3-1/2"
  • Overall depth: 1-5/8"
  • Nominal wall thickness .120" = 11 Gauge
  • Galvanized line post metal fence posts for wood fence are designed for more than just presenting a seamless fence, it is an investment in peace of mind. The line post is designed to withstand up to 73 mph winds, and will not shrink, warp or rot like wood posts.
fence post

Post time: May-22-2024